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Mission Statement

Unsigned, under-exposed, undeterred, these bands function without the muscle of a major record label, in fact, any record label. Unsigned does not equal untalented. This compilation was put together by the members of Soma in an attempt to showcase local talent to the record-buying public. So, forget Reality TV fodder, Unsigned Heroes is the undiscovered passion that sits on your doorstep. Simmo Publications Ltd. is a new label funded on enthusiasm, keeping its head above water by pure determination. Simmo's stance is to retain a DIY ethic;- one which is often prominent in any punk scene, of any age. However, whilst the CD has its 'punky' moments, the compilation is not confined to this genre. The CD demonstrates an eclectic mix - but it is no hotch-potch of acts thrown together through clumsy selection. Songs fit seamlessly together, each track unveiling its own sense of delight. The plan has always been to unearth a host of passionate, determined bands that want to take their music to the masses; to bring exposure to some of the great bands we've seen live and to represent and support these artists. Whilst on the business side this project may appear vitriolic, it is ultimately the music contained here that is the essence of Unsigned Heroes (as it should be) because these bands are not about image or trends... just good music.

'It's not an accolade we hand out to anybody, and when we say that pretty much all the acts presented here are equally worthy you'll know that at a paltry five pounds this is a no-risk purchase. Singling out any one act for praise or attention would be to do the rest a disservice, and space doesn't permit a dissertation on twelve artists. Do yourself a favour then and email and waylay the postman every morning until your copy arrives' - Quote from Logo Magazine

'This album is not just worthy, but worthwhile' - Venue Magazine

'Relationship fallout, weather metaphors, and Daisy Chapman's sweet and lightning vocals all swirling round twirling tempos and an energetic piano makes for a fine pop blitzkrieg. Stand out track on this EP is Without a Sound, starting off slow but picking up pace around a piano polka before guitars, bass and drums kick in. "It's easy to count on you to bring me down." Well, yes.' - Synergy Magazine

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